Making the decision to euthanize your geriatric or ailing pet is probably one of the toughest choices we as owners have to make. Unfortunately, at some point many of us are forced to make this choice, simply out of love for our friend. "Putting a pet to sleep", as many of us say, is truly an act of kindness when a pet is suffering or not enjoying a good quality of life. Our job as a veterinarian (and fellow animal lover) is to help you in your decision by providing the best medical information we can about your pet, and then, if you decide to let your pet go, to make the process of saying good bye as least painful as possible by providing your pet a gentle exit from this world.

The process of humane euthanasia is a very peaceful process. To explain, after thoroughly discussing your and your pet?s circumstances and if the decision has been reached that his/her quality of life is poor, we would first place an IV catheter to facilitate administering the medication. This medication is an overdose of anesthesia and it is painless. After the injection is given, your pet will pass slowly through the planes of anesthesia until he/she is totally anesthetized. It is only after this point that the heart will slow down and stop. We give you the option of being with your pet for the procedure or having our caring staff be with your pet.

If you chose to stay with your pet for the procedure, some people wish to have some time alone with their pets, and others do not. Whatever your choice, we always honor your decision in whatever way possible. In addition, we can assist you afterwards should you wish to have your pet cremated and/or if you wish to have the ashes returned. 

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