House Call Euthanasia

The Hardest Decision

When your pet's quality of life is at its lowest and it's clear that they're suffering, it can still be a difficult decision to put them at peace.

Some people describe the process of making this decision as heartbreaking, surreal, or "the hardest

 thing they've ever had to do." Others may feel immense guilt, or avoid making the decision altogether.

Although it's difficult, planning euthanasia for your ailing pet is the kindest and most humane thing that you can do. It's helpful to learn more about the process, talk openly, ask questions and plan things in advance as much as possible.

While it may sound strange to some, it can also be a great comfort to have a conversation with your pet about their quality of life and what lies ahead.

Euthanasia at Home

A trip to the vet’s office has never been one of your pet's favorite experiences. It generally involves a stressful car ride and a variable amount of discomfort for everyone involved.

Your pets last hours really shouldn't take place in such a foreign, clinical environment. They should be spent at home, surrounded by family: in a familiar room, on a sunlit patio, or in the yard under a favorite tree.

Choosing a place to say goodbye to your pet is very important, but you can go a few steps further if you'd like: indoors, you can create a calm, soothing atmosphere by dimming the lights, playing low, familiar music, and lighting candles; outdoors, a setting sun in the background is always appropriate.

The Procedure

When the time comes, the Doctor will come to your home to help you say goodbye to your pet. After meeting with you and your family, they will place a catheter to administer an injection which is a concentrated barbiturate solution. The first effect of this injection is complete loss of consciousness; within several seconds, the rest of the body's functions will gently slow down and stop. This procedure is painless and provides no suffering.


Following home euthanasia, most pet owners choose to have their pet's remains individually cremated and returned to them. Our hospital trusts and recommends LaPaloma for this service.

Our doctor can transport your pet's remains directly back to the hospital for crematory services or the cremation service can be arranged ahead of time to pick up at your residence.

Individually cremated remains will be delivered to the hospital by the crematory in 7-14 days.

lf you don't wish to have your pet's remains individually cremated, there is the option of communal cremation with no cremated remains returned.

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