Doggy & Kitty Hotel



  • Rabies, for all dogs over 16 weeks
  • DA2PP,  for all dogs
  • Bordetella, within the last 6 months          
  • Negative stool sample within the last 12 months


  • Rabies, for all cats over 16 weeks
  • FVRCP, for all cats                                  
  • Negative stool sample within the last   12 months

If vaccinated elsewhere, all vaccination records must be from a licensed veterinarian.


  •     A copy of current vaccination records if your pet is not cared for by our veterinary staff.
  •     All medications labeled in original dispensing container. 
  •     Emergency contact phone information.
  •     Special Diet Pet food labeled and pre-packed in individual serving portions  

HOURS: Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
                            Saturday 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM
                            Sunday 8:00AM - 1:00PM

Staff is NOT on premises 24 hours a day

HOLIDAYS: We shall be closed to the public on the following Holidays and Holiday Periods:

Memorial Day   Closed with no pick ups. 
July 4th              Open 7:30am to 1pm
Labor Day          Closed with no pick ups.
Thanksgiving    Closed with no pick ups.
Christmas          Dec 24th open 7:30am to 1pm & closed Dec 25th with no pick ups
New Year's Eve & Day     Dec 31st open 7:30am to 1pm & closed January 1st with no pick ups

Our boarding facility is billed like a hotel for people.

Check In Time begins at 1:00 pm :- Pets arriving before 1:00 pm are welcome with no extra fees, but your pet may have to wait in a holding area until their unit is ready.

Check Out Time is 1:00pm Monday through Saturday: - Additional day boarding charged after 1pm unless your pet is bathed or groomed on final day of boarding. Pre-paid and scheduled departures only on Sundays and full day boarding charge applies if pick up appointment is scheduled for an afternoon pickup.

Rates & Services:  All rates and services are subject to availability and change. All new clients need to have their pet establish a veterinary-patient relationship, in order to be admitted and overseen legally by the veterinary staff, a $52 initial doctor exam will be charged.

Dog boarding $23 and $18 per additional dog housed in the same suite. Cat boarding $20 and $15 per additional cat housed in the same suite. There will be an additional charge of $5 per pet for holidays. Administration of medications is provided at $5 per day for up to 2 medications and diabetic care or advanced care is provided at $9 per day.

We do try to honor your wishes to have pets housed together. Although if a "family squabble" does occur, the pets will be separated and charged for separately. Any injuries will be treated at owner's expense.

Facility Meal Plans and Bedding: Our meal plans use only Purina sensitive diets and are ideal in a boarding situation.  If you bring your own food please package each meal separately.

Bedding is provided during your pets stay. If you wish to bring personal items, we are not responsible for loss.

Medical Care and Emergencies:  Be aware that your pet's environment is different from being at home while they are boarding. They may bark at other animals, have temperature & humidity changes or dietary changes. This can create problems such as sore throats, respiratory infections, weight loss, hair loss or diarrhea. We seek to prevent such problems, but they do occur beyond our control. In the rare case of your pet needing medical or emergency, care we contact you at the listed number that you provide. In the event, we are unable to reach you, our veterinarian will provide care until we are able to reach you and you are responsible for all related medical expenses.
Payment:  Payment in full is required at the time of dropping off your pet(s) for their boarding reservation. We may require pre-payment at certain busier times of the year to guarantee your boarding reservation. Your reservation is non-refundable but the fees will be applied as a credit to your account to be used for future services. Any incurred veterinary services will be due in full upon pet release.
Please allow 10-15 minutes to check your pet into the hotel. You will be required to check-in with a veterinary nurse and complete paperwork along with payment for the pet stay.

Upon admission for services, your signature of contract acknowledges your awareness and acceptance of our policies. Thank you for entrusting your pet to our care. 

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